Worried you don't have enough customers?

Lets fix that!

We’ll elevate your business, enhance your approach and attract customers you deserve
Lets fix that! We’ll elevate your business, enhance your approach and attract the customers you deserve

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Who do we serve?

We serve small businesses, sole operators and always make room for artists.

Focusing on:

  • physical store operators, such as clinics and food service
  • expert service businesses, such as coaching and fitness
  • contractors with operating areas, such as electricians

What's our process?

1. We understand your business, goals and current situation so we can move forward effectively.
2. Together, we create a plan to encourage new customers and motivate existing customers.
3. Then we optimize your website(s), social and industry profiles, reviews, customer communications, in-store systems to meet your goals!

What are our services?

Our services are focused on enhancing your business by increasing visibility, optimizing for customers, simplifying your operations, and ultimately maximizing profitability.

Services are most effective when used together. However, if you only require particular assistance, we are flexible. We will assist you in assembling the pieces of your puzzle and adapt to your specific needs.

Marketing & Advertising

Typically advertising is needed when you want more exposure, whether it’s digital or other methods.

Google, Facebook and Instagram ads typically suit well and for local advertising we use Google Business, Yelp & Nextdoor.

We also do print ads where necessary along with in-store eye catching advertising to encourage up-sells.

Review Management

Reviews are very important as people will often make decisions based on the word of others.

We follow up with your customers and encourage reviews, respond and help you respond to reviews and politely engage with others to turn around negative reviews.

Website Design, Production & Improvement

We design and produce websites from scratch and can also work with your existing website.

We align the website with your business goals and turn it into a turbo-charged business tool that that be used for promotion and marketing, communication, payments, scheduling and tasks unique to you and your business.

Business Systems Design & Installation

Often, business systems enhancements are needed to streamline processes so that things don’t fall through the cracks and you’re not wasting time where it’s unnecessary.

These include improvements in you payments and invoicing, appointment scheduling, client communication management and things specific to your industry area.

We look at your situation, make suggestions, agree on a plan, deploy the new system, help you use the system and the evaluate that it’s working well for you.

In-store and Storefront Enhancement

Your store front and in-store areas are huge resources that can be readily improved. You’re paying a lot for them, so best put them to work.

Your storefront is an way to communicate and connect, inviting walk-by and drive-by traffic into your store.

Then in-store is where you create a delightful and streamlined customer experience, resulting in your competitive advantage.